February 27, 2005

Actually, Yes I Can

An Open Letter to My Current Roommate:

I know that you are a supporter of President Bush. I know that you are a die-hard Republican who has probably never actually questioned any decision made by your neoconservative leaders. I know that. I acknowledge that. As much as I would like you to be more open-minded, I know that it probably will not happen any time soon.

With that said, I must get something off my chest.

Despite what you believe and so vocally express, it is possible for someone both to oppose the war in Iraq and to support the troops that are fighting there. It is not only possible but, I would say, predominant in most "liberal" thinking.

For example, I absolutely support the US troops. They are simply doing their job. I have a good friend from home that is a marine. I am hoping for the best as far as they are concerned.

However, I do not support the reason that they are fighting. This does not mean I hope they have a hard time, that I hope many of them die in order to "invalidate" the war, or that I hope they are removed before they complete their job.

Therefore, I have to ask for you to stop your slanderous rhetoric. I am sick of hearing it, and it is starting to make me angry.

Thank you,
Your "liberal" roommate

PS: I really miss rooming with this guy.

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