November 03, 2004

Some Reactions...

Here are a few reactions to the election (and the results) that I find particularly amusing.

All quotes were found from metaquotes.

Some have language that may be offensive.

"Well, at least if the endtimes are coming, all those damned annoying christian fundamentalists will go away in the rapture and leave us the fuck alone already."
"are there fires and looting yet?

I have smores.


yummy goodness."
"I for one welcome the return of our tyrannical neoconservative overlords and pray they lead us to righteous victory against gays, the french, stem cell research, abortion and the environment. Amen."
"Kerry: I could be president tomorrow!
Bush: I like shiney things.
Kerry: Well, not tomorrow, but you know, tomorrow they'll be deciding it.
Bush: And swords. I like swords.
Kerry: But then in January, I could be President!
Bush: Swords swords swords. They're shiney too."
"[...] I started getting a really bad feeling about voting for Kerry, but I figured I'd probably regret it if I voted for Bush, so I went with Kerry anyways. After Kerry swears in, his eyes will glow red and his face will fall off and there will be tentacles everywhere, and that will be that. Ah well. That's democracy."
"Dear United States of America,

You've more than made your point. Please elect a real president this time.

In exchange, we promise to be less uppity. Also, we'll send down some pot.

Our love to Hillary,

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