October 15, 2004

Texans' Night Out

I must begin this with a confession. I have not been totally honest with the people at LU in regards to my social life. For the past three years I have had a girlfriend from home. Her name is Tanya, and she has been studying history at Texas A&M. I kept this a secret because I did not want to bother anyone with it. Why should I force my relationship with Tanya on others? I'm not naive. I know that no one would really care.

Tanya called me this afternoon at about 3:00. The conversation started out as it usually does, but I noticed a different tone in her voice. Shortly into the conversation she decided she couldn't "keep up the facade any longer." She told me that she was tired of having a long distance relationship. She said she did not love me anymore and wanted to break up with me.

I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't believe it. I tried telling her how much I still loved her, but she wouldn't listen.

Once our relationship was finished, I had to talk to someone. I spent some time cleaning myself up and tried to look as normal as I could. Since nobody was here I walked over to the Ice Cave. Gallagher, surprisingly enough, walked outside his apartment as I was approaching it. He stopped me and surprised me with what he said.

Apparently, his girlfriend, Jamie, had also broken up with him! She had been going to Texas Woman's University and had felt the same way. Not only that, but Wilson and Wheeler's secret girlfriends, Cecily and Juanita respectively, also broke up with them!

I couldn't speak. Gallagher told me they were just on their way to Marble Slab to talk about it and that I should join them. I agreed. We left shortly after trying to be discrete about our campus exit.

I really needed this evening at Marble Slab. We shared our respective stories with each other and bonded like I have never experienced at LU. I never would have imagined that ice cream and heartbreak could forge such strong bonds.

I recommend reading Gallagher's, Wheeler's, and Wilson's account of tonight as well. It is all very moving.

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