June 09, 2004

Music Question

This entry is directed mostly to Hookah simply because I think he is most likely to be able to answer me. If anyone else knows, however, please leave an answer.

Yesterday as I was driving a song came on the radio. That in itself is quite startling as it was a station owned by Clear Channel Communications. Anyway, the song was a bit of a combination of R&B and rap. It started out with a girl humming. The humming and the music which accompanied it made me think of a song I believe I heard off of Hookah's computer. This thought made my jaw drop for a moment because this station playing an "older" song like that would be the equivalent of my rock station playing Buddy Holly. It just does not happen.

Now for my question. Isn't there some song which includes Lauryn Hill humming in the background while someone else raps? I think this is from when she was with that group she was in (I'm thinking it was the Refugees, but I'm not sure.). I'm desperately hoping I did not just ask the equivalent of "You know that Metallica song where there is a guitar," but I apologize now if I did.

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