June 04, 2004

Creepy Crawlies

I made two personal observations involving "lower life forms" today. Naturally, both were made after experiencing an event on accident.

First, nothing in this past year has terrified me more than when I accidentally grabbed a large (about three-inch legspan) garden spider while trying to move a box this afternoon. Before you mock me, understand that I have no problem with spiders unless they are touching me.

Second, never have I heard such a satisfying crunch as when I accidentally crushed some kind of insect by putting a Playstation 2 disc back in its case this evening. I had not looked inside the case before putting the game back inside it. Therefore, I did not see that a decent-sized bug was sitting where the game rests.

What a strange day this has been...


That spider I was just talking about was found as I was moving a box in my room. As I jumped backwards in terror when I found it, the spider got away. I hadn't thought much of it afterwards because, like I said, spiders are fine as long as they stay away from me.

Well, that spider is now resting on my pillow on my bed. I can't crush him because it would go all over my pillow, and I am afraid of moving the pillow because I do not want the spider to be near me. Now that I have seen this spider on my bed I am not going to be able to sleep in my bed until it is dead.

This is very irritating.

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