April 22, 2004

The Gender Genie!

Blatantly stealing this idea from the Thinklings website, I made my way towards the gender genie page and decided to see what happened when I put a few of my friends' longer posts through the algorithm.

The posts I selected were random posts which I estimated at approximately 500 words or more. I didn't keep track of the actual posts I used, but I did select at least two posts from each person's blog. I found the results rather interesting.

The algorithm accurately selected my roommate, the Cynic, Wilson, and me as male authors. It also accurately selected Ardith as a female author. My roommate and I seem to be predominately male writers. The Cynic also ranked high on the male side, but not nearly as high as I did. Wilson was much nearer to attaining a neutral score. Ardith also earned a more neutral score.

Wheeler's posts seem to be more female. Anna's and Katy's posts seem to more male. I would not have predicted that result for either of them.

I was unable to find a decent sized post by Moore to run through the program.

It's a very interesting program...

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