April 11, 2004

Day of Mourning

It's finally here. I've been dreading this day for well over a month now, but time decided to keep going forward so here I am.

My sister died one year ago today. This day is going to pass by smoothly, of course. At seven all of the families will be eating together somewhere. At approximately ten-thirty (about when the accident happened) probably half of the town are going to light candles at the cemetary. At midnight everyone is going to light more for my cousin who died the next day in the hospital. After all of that, I get to return to LU and probably stay up all night doing homework (Sorry Codepainter).

I didn't expect this day to pass uneventfully, of course. That thought itself probably never entered the presence of my parents' brains. I don't want to be there. I'm tired of mourning, of grieving, and of comforting. I'm tired of everyone in my town looking at my sympathetically and attempting to cheer up my sad little heart. I'm tired of these families being stared at like animals in a zoo while they grieve for their losses.

None of that matters, though. What does matter is that my sister is dead, my parents are having a memorial service for her and the others, and I will be there for my parents and the rest of my family. What matters is that I'm going to be there.

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