March 31, 2003


Another interesting fact that I've noticed: my body is slowly becoming accustomed to not getting as much sleep as it used to get. Back in high school, I always went to bed by at least 11:00 PM. Now, I usually don't even think about sleep until around 1:00 AM. I'm sure somewhere along it will catch up to me, but so far I like the change. It is amazing some of the things that people can think of around two in the morning. I suppose the best proof of that is the LU student-operated forum. It usually gets interesting at those message boards late at night. One can also use this time to get work done, and use the earlier hours to spend time with those with less work who go to sleep earlier. While I've never been a morning person, I can hardly believe that I have turned into a night person.

My sleeping habits are almost awkward now when I go home. My parents go to sleep early, my sister goes soon afterwards, and then I am awake by myself for a few hours. I may have to readjust my sleeping schedule over the summer. Although, then my sister will also be staying up later as well so I won't spend the entire time in front of my computer screen fighting pop-up ads.

Posted by Randy at March 31, 2003 01:27 AM