April 02, 2003

A Bit of Stress

Well, I have tried to update this thing twice since my last post. The first time, I couldn't even get to the update post page. The second time, I was informed that Blogger couldn't publish anything. I now know why some people blast Blogger on some of their own blogs. Anyway...

[rant]I hate research papers! Especially when I am forced to do notecards and source cards. These things are so freaking stupid! You do not need source cards because you have a bibliography at the end of it. You do not need notecards because they are basically your freaking researcher paper printed on 3x5 cards. I would not mind actually doing the paper if it wasn't for that pointless busy work. To top it all off, I only have a limited subject on which to get these 40 notecards. Forty would be a halfway decent number if I was doing the entire paper on my own. But when you are in groups of three and each person must find twenty sources and make forty notecards in one and a half weeks, the prof is being absolutely ridiculous. To top it all off, I also have a Calculus II test, Physics I test, and Engineering Graphics final project all coming up way too quickly.[/rant]

On a happier note, it seems like the floor has all but finalized room plans for next semester. I'm moving across the floor with another guy and my current roommate will be rooming with his friend in the room right across from it. There will also be a few interesting editions to my floor from the third floor. I have a feeling this floor will be a bit louder next semester.

Posted by Randy at April 2, 2003 12:24 AM