April 27, 2003

Identity, True Lies, and Previews

I feel like I should say something, so I will just ramble on for a while. If anything meaningful comes out, it was by accident.

I saw two movies today. The first was Identity. I know that there have been several movies that are like it in one way or another, but it was an interesting movie that I really enjoyed. I would highly recommend going to see it if you don't mind actually paying for your entertainment. The second movie was the new spy "classic," True Lies. I still enjoy that movie. Comedy, action, pseudo-drama, it has got all the ingredients a successful movie needs.

Before watching the first one, I saw several previews. Not all of them because we arrived after the reel was started (Thank you, Mark!), but a few did stand out.

Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle. I only have one comment and I am stealing it from a movie review of the original, "They have finally discovered a successful formula for summer movie blockbusters: sexy women in tight clothing kicking ass." The movie will most likely do much better than it should, but I lost all respect for the average movie-goer back when XXX was so popular. Although, A Man Apart did raise my amount of respect for Vin Diesel. He was in a movie with a plot that consisted of slightly more substance than a "Look, there's a bad guy, let's kick his ass and make lots of explosions" plot. The acting still wasn't great, but he's getting better.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Somthing I Don't Remember. It looks interesting. I didn't say it looked good, I said it looked interestng Don't really know anything about it except that Orlando Bloom (who will forever be known as Legolas) is in it and his chick gets stolen by ghost pirates, or something like that. Anyway, Legolas, along with this other guy and the chick, hurt a lot of ghost pirates in the trailer. Legolas killing ghost pirates? Sounds like a fan-fiction writer's dream.

Malibu's Most Wanted. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE! IF YOU SUPPORT THIS MOVIE, THEY WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE THEM! I say we organize a nation-wide boycott so this P.O.S. will die an agonizing and slow death and painfully descend into the fiery depths of Hell in which it was spawned. Then we should assassinate everyone involved with it in order to remove whatever horrid, sickening genes they may pass on to another generation. I normally don't like (real) acts of violence, but if I know anyone who reads this personally, and I find out that you paid to see this movie, I will hurt you. Please don't make me hurt you.

And on a completely different note, I also went and got my nut and bolt back. Somehow, I made an 83 on it. I find that absolutely amazing, but I am very happy about it. Who knows, maybe somehow that will get me an A in Manufacturing Processes Lab instead of the B I am expecting.

Posted by Randy at April 27, 2003 02:35 AM