May 08, 2003

Job Search

It seems that if I am to update this thing frequently and without my parents' notice (I don't think they should be reading this right now for several reasons, none of which I'm going into right now), I will have to post either late at night when both of them are asleep or during the middle of the day when neither of them are here. As my dad is at work and my mother is gone somewhere (Without leaving a note I might add. When she gets home I should say something about that.), I thought I would ramble a bit.

As far as my job search is going, I've turned in a few applications yesterday and I am [sarcasm]anxiously[/sarcasm] waiting a response. Still haven't heard about the job I want yet, so right now the applications I turned in are for "back-up" jobs. My mother is pushing me to get a job almost as much as Mark was. She is just adamant about me having "spending money." Translated to mean: "I am tired of giving you money, so get off your lazy ass and start working for it." While she may or may not mean it quite like that, that is how I'm interpreting it and I partially agree with her. I need my own job.

Insomnia sucks. I have not been able to go to sleep before 4 AM at all these last few nights. It isn't because I wasn't tired or because of my newly acquired sleeping habits, it is because the second I lay down in bed I become wide awake. Once I'm laying down, I start thinking. Once I start thinking, I might as well get back out of bed and go do something else. If only sleeping pills gave you "natural" sleep and weren't addictive...

And I am very glad that I decided to come home instead of staying at LU to get credits or work. A few of the cynic's comments about his experiences thus far should more than explain why.

Posted by Randy at May 8, 2003 02:38 PM