June 29, 2003

Charlie's Angels 2

I am currently sitting in my house and as I type this my seven year-old cousin is playing on my Nintendo 64 behind me. My mother volunteered that I would watch him tonight. Don't you just love when that happens.

Anyway, I am ashamed to admit I went to see the Charlie's Angels sequel. What did I think of it? I remember reading somewhere a statement sort of like this about this first movie: "Someone has finally discovered the perfect formula for summer blockbuster success: sexy women in tight clothes kicking ass." That was what the movie was basically. There were a large number of sexual innuendos, but then again so do all movies nowadays. I really couldn't tell if in some parts the movie was being funny intentionally.

Other than that, it has just been the same old stuff happening every day. What an exciting life I lead.

Posted by Randy at June 29, 2003 12:30 AM