July 13, 2003


It is with great shame that I complain about what I will today. I hate admitting part of this about a family member, but I feel that if I do not vent this somewhere I will go on a murderous rampage.

You see, my father has, for some unknown reason, become a Nascar fan. He will gladly sit in front of a television and watch cars you can barely see under advertising drive several hundred circles around a long track. When this happens, the television is taken for an hour or two and my mother and I are forced to find other means of entertainment.

I was informed today that the Nascar "season" is halfway finished. I was both extremely delighted and extremely annoyed.

I have come to hate Nascar with the burning passion of a thousand suns. The fact that it is the choice "sport" of many hicks is bad enough, but I can't stand that every single person involved with broadcasting has a deep southern accent.

If my father continues at this rate, I will soon be unable to say "Nascar" without the same great disdain that the Cynic uses when speaking of "happy people."

Posted by Randy at July 13, 2003 05:54 PM