July 18, 2003

The Drawing of the Three

I just completed the second novel in the Dark Tower series, The Drawing of the Three. I am confident that if you ask anyone who has read the first two books you would be told that the second in the series is much better than the first. I believe that Stephen King himself has said that if you are willing to "struggle through" the first one the second one is much more entertaining.

The second book of this series introduces three new "main" characters. Well, actually, since one of the characters is schizophrenic, I guess it introduces five new characters. Instead of naming them, I will identify them as Roland, the real center of the series, first knows them: The Prisoner, The Lady of Shadows, and The Pusher. Now that I think about, the "lobstrosities" are probably important enough to the story to be mentioned. However, you couldn't really call them characters.

On a completely non-literary note, the monitor on this POS computer at my house is starting to act all screwy. The screen has started flickering constantly and anything near the middle of the screen is blurry enough to cause headaches if stared at for too long. However, since I am practically the only person who uses this computer, I doubt anything will change soon unless the monitor finally just stops working.

Posted by Randy at July 18, 2003 02:21 AM