July 21, 2003

Musical Taste

The opinions that I have of music are extremely fickle. It amazes me how much my taste for music changes.

Way back in elementary school I liked country music. I think the main reason I liked it was because it was practically all I ever heard on any radio. My father usually took me and my sister to school and he listened to country.

About the time I started junior high I had started to like pop and light rock. This started because a friend of mine listened to it and he usually had a radio on when I went to his house. This lasted for a few years.

Then in high school I was introduced to actual rock music. This transition was due to the Linkin Park song "Crawling," which a friend said he hoped would be a "gateway song" to other rock music. It was. I eventually liked Metallica and other "heavier" rock bands.

I think that I have always liked certain classical music as well. However, I couldn't name you any classical music.

My opinions of certain singers seem to change as well. I remember that I once almost shuddered every time someone mentioned Marilyn Manson. However, while I'm still not what I would call a fan of his by any means, I do like a couple of his songs and really like his cover of "Tainted Love." I once hated listening to anything by Eminem. Now there are a few songs of his that I can listen to without cringing.

I wonder what kind of music I'll be listening to in ten years.

Posted by Randy at July 21, 2003 02:26 PM