July 25, 2003

Big Brother

I have a confession that I need to make. Now, this may lower the respect you have for my opinions on certain things, but please reserve any judgement until you read everything I have to say.

I love the reality game Big Brother. I believe that it is the best reality television game out there today (which I realize doesn't say much to a large number of people).

I don't really like most of the contestants in the game, but I absolutely love the way the game is played. For those of you who don't know (probably most of you), there are thirteen contestants competing for $500,000. There is a competition each week for the Head of Household position. The Head then nominates two other contestants and the rest of the house chooses which of the two get kicked out of the game. There is also another competition in which the winner gets the ability to cancel the nomination of one person, causing the Head to nominate a different contestant.

The amount of strategy a person must use in this game in order to win is phenomenal. Relationships with the other contestants change every single day which in turn causes each person's strategy and game-plan to change. Food and luxury competitions cause jealousy and rifts in relationships. Enemies and friends are made with each competition and it is virtually impossible to select a winner before the game starts. Manipulation and lies are beneath every friendship in the game. The winner is the person who can manipulate, lie, and backstab, but not piss off the seven contestants kicked off last who vote on who wins.

Why do I like a game which appears to be another Survivor rip-off? Because I would love to get a chance to play a game like this.

I like this game more than Survivor because it focuses more on the building and breaking of relationships inside the game. It is also a "live" game, so it isn't as fake as Survivor has become. The sections which air on television have been edited in order to make it interesting, of course, but you can purchase access to 24/7 live feeds.

So, I admit that I do like some reality television. Am I alone in this confession?

Posted by Randy at July 25, 2003 08:30 PM