August 19, 2003

Busy Day

Really busy day today.

Started the day off with a good three hours of Senate "training," which consisted of one hour of learning about bills and resolutions and two hours of listening to Dr. Brent Ellis (Is he a Dr.? I'm not sure.) and Dr. William McDowell ramble on about stuff. Nothing against these two (They were in fact semi-interesting), but if I am going to be forced to use official "parliamentary procedure" I want to learn it so I won't sound like an idiot. I will be spending time with that tomorrow.

After a great lunch (Compared to yesterday's crap, anyway. That was disgusting.), I got to attend a FOUR HOUR seminar on "Cultural Competency." I was pleasantly surprised by it. I was thrilled that it wasn't some politically correct indoctrination about diversity and tolerance, etc. However, I was disappointed it was about subject matter that I had already come to a conclusion about: respect and appreciate the cultures of other peoples as long as they follow biblical principles.

Then I got to go play mini-golf with some of the people in Senate. I was last place on my team but did a lot better than I had expected I would.

And my dorm room is partially clean! Still need to get shelving up, however. If I remain in IMPACT for next year, I am going with the people who stored my floor's stuff so that my shelving isn't put at the very bottom of a large, heavy pile of stuff.

Posted by Randy at August 19, 2003 10:19 PM