September 12, 2003

Tragic Anniversary

I just realized what yesterday was. Yes, I know it was the second anniversary of [sad and overly dramatic music] 9/11 [/ music]. But it was also something else.

Yesterday marked six months since the date of my sister's death. Half a year. I can't believe that it has already been half a year since my sister died. It seems like just last week I went home for her funeral.

I am starting to believe that time never passes slowly. I can remember when I was in the audience of a high school graduation my freshman year of high school and I thought that I would never get out of that place. Now I am a sophomore in college and I know that in just a few short years I will graduate from this place (or another college, no one can predict the future), move away from the friends I have made, and, seemingly, start building relationships all over again.

You can try to put a positive spin on that fact. You can say everything from how a person is affected by the people he or she builds relationships with and vice versa to how, if nothing else, making friends simply makes the time you spend here enjoyable. But in all honesty, knowing that friends will be leaving me practically every semester (not yet, but soon) and I will eventually be leaving a good number of friends behind is very depressing.

And yes, I know that I can still contact friends in email, etc. However, we all know that writing an email or talking on the phone to a friend is not the same as living with them on the same floor, eating with them almost daily, or piling into a vehicle to go to Wal-Mart.

Posted by Randy at September 12, 2003 11:49 AM