December 29, 2003

Why Can't I Just Be Bored?

Drama, drama, drama. Next time I think about blogging about how boring it is here at the house I am going to hurt myself. Let me see what I can say without naming names (in case anyone from my town other than Katy reads this).

Shortly after I woke up, my mother comes home from a couple of errands and starts to make phone calls. From her side of the convesation I soon learn that a girl (age 16, I think) who was one of my sister's closest friends is over two weeks late for her period and believes she is pregnant. The girl's father doesn't yet know about it, but a lot of other people do and it is only a matter of time before word gets far enough around town that he learns about it.

Wait, it gets better. I learn a couple of phone calls later that the son (age 18, I think) of some of our close family friends is the father. Not only has he also not told his parents about this but he also has a girlfriend who he really likes (reporting what I know, don't ask why he was fooling around because I can't answer). My parents decide they want to talk to this kid so they call him, tell him to come over to our house, and send me to another town--because, you know, if I'm not at the house for this conversation it won't make things feel weird between me and this kid later [/sarcasm].

So I go and come back and it turns out the kid did not come to the house at all because his father called and said the kid could talk to my parents after the basketball game that will be played today. This upsets my mother because she now has to come up with a reason why she wanted to talk with the kid without giving away the real reason.

Wait, it isn't over yet. My mother goes to the basketball game and discovers that the kid doesn't even get to play (supposedly because he missed a practice) and that the girl is also there. She wants to talk with both of them but wants to be alone with each of them. Naturally, she talks with neither of them.

I don't want to talk with either of them because (a) I've never liked the girl and (b) the guy was (supposedly secretly) dating my sister a couple of years ago and has now knocked up a girl who was one of her closest friends.

All in all I guess this makes the perfect end to a perfect year. (and if you can't catch the dripping sarcasm on that sentence you probably shouldn't even be reading this)

Posted by Randy at December 29, 2003 11:23 PM