January 15, 2004

Intellectual Masochism

So, the new semester has been going for almost a week now. I've been to almost every class (the 1-hour seminar is tomorrow) and have pretty much estimated the workload. The end result? I'm terrified.

The amount of memorization I will have to do for Human Anatomy and Physiology II and General Biology II is going to be revolting. The homework for Circuits II and Calculus III is probably going to cause me at least a couple of all-nighters during the semester. The tests in three of the above classes will cause me great stress. I'm not as concerned about CS1 because, if all else fails, I can ask my roommate to help me, but it is still going to be the first time I've ever programmed anything. I have no idea what that Creation vs. Evolution seminar is going to be like.

Now, if I had taken this last semester I wouldn't have worried at all. However, this semester I have to get enough A's to raise my GPA from a 3.33 to a 3.40 or I'm going to have my scholarship reduced.

Why do I do this to myself?

Posted by Randy at January 15, 2004 07:54 PM