February 01, 2004

The Super Bowl

As you read the following, please remember that I did not see all of the Super Bowl. I missed the entire third quarter (as well as the half time show) and I did homework while the rest of the game was playing. Enjoy.

Overheard quotes from Super Bowl commentators:

"This is a guy that nobody knows nothing about."

"He is the type of player who always wants positive yards."

"These coaches should have come and asked me...I might eat these words later, but I doubt it."

" 'I sure as heck didn't go over everything, because if you go over everything you confuse the defensive players.' " -- quoting a defensive coordinator

"I'm not gonna overstate this, but that's big stuff."

"A touchdown is huge."

"He went to [college] as just an athelete, not even knowing what position he was going to play."

Motto of the Carolina Panthers according to a reporter interviewing the coach:
"Run the ball, and stop the run."

Posted by Randy at February 1, 2004 08:31 PM