February 22, 2004

A Social Life?

Last night I attended a performance by the Longview Symphony Orchestra. This has been the second time I have attended a performance of classical music, and I believe that I enjoyed this time more than the first.

I happen to enjoy classical music, but only if it is being performed live. I do not understand why, but I am not a fan of classical music if it is on the radio, a tape, or a CD. Does anyone else feel that way or am I just weird? Either way, I believe the selected music for this performance was better than the first one I attended.

I also had a lot more fun this time. I went with more people, and I've also become a bit more outgoing since the first time I went to the symphony. There were about eight of us who left together. There was me (naturally), Mark, Jonathan Spaulding, Kyle, Lisa, Cara, Lindsey, and Caleb. Kyle and Lisa went together in Kyle's car, of course, while the rest of us piled into Jonathan's van and prepared ourselves for the journey that lay ahead of us.

After spending about five minutes looking for a place to park, Jonathan finally found one. We climbed out of the van and started the hike to the building. Once we finally got to the building, we valiantly struggled against those unfortunate souls who, for one reason or another, had an extra ticket they were trying to sell. Some of our group recognized these poor people and sympathy began to fill their hearts. The rest of us had to remind them of our mission and push them forward. We then had to battle through the crowds of the lobby and the lady who asked every single person in our group if he or she was with the person standing behind him or her. These two problems were resolved thanks to the incredible courage of whoever was in the lead and the quick-thinking strategy of answering "no" to every question. The hunt for enough seats for all of us soon began. Thanks to a masterful bit of persuasion by one of the group, an older couple was kind enough to move down a row so that we had enough seats. Victory was ours!

Sort of, anyway. I happened to enjoy the performance which followed. A certain female in our group, however, fell asleep during the second half of the performance. I believe she was awakened with a jolt when people began to clap at the end.

After the symphony ended, we all climbed back into the van to seek out Applebee's. We found it, and after a relatively short wait we sat down to eat. It was when we sat down that I noticed our numbers had increased by nine people. This made for some rather interesting, and probably loud, discussions. Despite my most valiant attempts to avoid it, politics were brought up at the table. This normally isn't a problem for me. It becomes a problem when the "discussion" consists of things like "Liberals suck" and "I agree." I then had to restrain myself from verbally decapitating someone who remarked that the bad thing about LeTourneau was "we are all right and we all agree."

After the fun of Applebee's, we returned to campus and some of us accompanied Cara and Lindsey into the biology labs (all still in formal dress) and watched them do whatever they needed to do for their respective experiments/jobs. This was entertaining because I was also able to show those who went down there a dissected fetal pig by going into the lab across the hall.

We then finished the night by dropping off Cara and Lindsey at their respective buildings, parking Jonathan's van, changing into clothing that is comfortable, and singing "Happy Birthday" to a guy on the floor. I would like to do something like this again sometime.

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