September 19, 2006

An Entertaingly Excellent Professor

One of my most excellent professor's here at Notre Dame is something of a showman. Not only does he teach us the fundamental's of operating systems (see our reading list here but he also is highly quotable.
So far this semester:
"That is a prophylactic argument for computer technology."
"It's easy to build a system in which you have free love."
"For the remainder of the semester, you are in charge of my big B's and my little b's."
"A technical paper is not a murder mystery. You shouldn't have to read it all the way to the end to find out that professor Plum did it in the hall with the pipe."
(Remember many people here smoke a variety of things.)
"If you spend some quality time snuggling up with the Intel processor..."
"The kernel has a way of blessing the device drivers." *makes the sign of the cross, absolving the class*

Yes, I am truly blessed despite having no fuzzy studies classes.

Posted by Moore at September 19, 2006 07:59 PM