August 23, 2006

Systems and Moore

Today is my second day of classes at ND, and things, although busy, are going well.
My classes are Operating Systems, Multimedia Systems, and Realtime Systems. I get the feeling systems are important. I am also TA'ing for CS1.
OS looks to be the most nasty: few projects, but every class period we discuss a new graduate or corporate published paper, 8-20 pages. A sample is the major first paper on RAID systems.
TA'ing looks to be fun, I'll be working with around 40 of the 80 or so students for 2 consecutive hour labs on Monday.
Back in the apartment things are also good. I refuse to pay $10 per meal for a meal plan, so I'm trying my hand at making some food myself. Any cheap/good recipe ideas are appreciated.
In short, life is busy and good. Oh no! Its time for RTS. Ta-tah!

Posted by Moore at August 23, 2006 09:27 AM