July 31, 2005

In Which A Week is Examined

This past week was spent at the local 4H Fair. For some of you, the county fair is probably a major community event. For others, it is an annoyance, or possibly non-existant. In my area, it the reason many people live through summer.
For nine days a dusty field, rickety grandstand, and drafty warehouses become a center for expensive food, dangerous rides, and country singers of "diverse" talent.
My connection with this event rises primarily from my previous employment at Micro-Source, a small and growing computer store I worked at before my freshman year at LU. I have always been on the "on-call" list for this store since then, and for the past three years I have manned the fair booth for this fine PC-repair establishment.
In short, my job consists of standing in between three very nice computers, all of which are demonstrating the most eye-catching software we can lay hands on. From this position I engage in conversation with any poor soul who's attention is snared by our vibrant "virtual aquarium" or "Media Center PC". Result: a day spent fiddling with and chatting about computers for a very decent wage.
Before some people get jealous, I should inform you that the average temperature in this "building" was over 95 for the better half of the week. There was no fan, and I was wearing a short-sleeved buttoned shirt over a t-shirt. And pants. No fan. Sitting on a hard wooden stool. Forced to buy fair-food for my meals.
I did, however, win the food-producing friendship of a Romanian meat-wagon vendor by providing him with email access and online news (in Romanian).

In short, the week, though hot, was enjoyable, profitable, and dense.

Oh, and I read all of the new Harry Potter book. I think Rowling hates me. Personally.

Posted by Moore at July 31, 2005 11:22 PM