July 14, 2005


My mother has returned from caring for her parents in Arizona. There is much rejoicing. There were also many ribs!
In celebration we returned to Famous Dave's, a yummy food place. In my previous adventure there I had tried their brisket and found it wanting. Their ribs, however, are excellent.
I purposed to eat only ribs, and it proved to be a weighty task. Each order had 10 ribs. Each rib had 12 inches. Each inch had 2 bites. Each bite had 3 licks. Each lick had 1 swallow.
How many swallows did I swallow to eat my ribs? I don't have time for that, but let it suffice to say that I was fully pleased.
In the future, however, I will not eat just 10 ribs. This led to some internal grumbling later. Fortunately I have recovered and am feeling hungry already. I hope we have some leftovers...

Posted by Moore at July 14, 2005 10:47 AM