June 04, 2004

Good Truck, Bad Truck

I have come upon an unusual and possible good thing, a free pickup truck. It has, however, some issues. As you can see, it is quite rusted. The holes are many and big. The interior is old and the seats are holy. It has 121,000 miles. It is, however, a V6 that runs well. It has no engine damage, and structurally it seems ok. The suspension is still alright. It has a cover for the back and "luggage bars" of a sort. It could get me places reliably, albeit without any style whatsoever. Cops might pull me over to check if I'm an illegal Mexican immigrant. (Note the sexy Golf in the background. That's what I drive. It's amazing and fast. It has great gas mileage and impressive acceleration. And its not for sale. And no, I don't own it or I wouldn't be looking at old trucks.)

As I left the scene of the... truck, I couldn't help noticing another car I would much rather drive. Should I get this one instead?

Posted by Moore at June 4, 2004 07:55 PM