June 03, 2004

Punned. (Ouch, my IQ!)

I opened the latest issue of World Magazine hoping to be at least mildly entertained. What I didn't expect (foolishly, perhaps) was shocking display Christianity-erising on the third page. The ad read:

I Thank God for My Energy!
Royal Jelly - God's Secret to Help You Go the Distance

The article went on to describe how a strange bee jelly was God's plan for your life. Their main man was Steve Hulka, a caddy on the PGA Tour.

Steve Hulka is a believer in God... and a "bee-liever" in Royal Jelly! Since he started taking Royal Jelly in 1992 Steve has continued to perform with renewed energy...And to ensure freshness, you won't find bee-Alive Royal Jelly in any store...

I was pained to see that World will print just about any ad. I guess they go where the money is... like a bee to honey.

Posted by Moore at June 3, 2004 09:13 PM