October 31, 2008

October recap..

Treat: fall colors. spectacular just about all month long!

Trick: wind. enough wind to cause resonation in our heater vents (we think) and make a very loud kind of sound. I thought for awhile that an alarm was hidden between the two levels of the house.

Treat: sunshine and 70 degrees!

Trick: wind, rain and 30 degrees.

Treat: getting off work early today! Apparently 2/3 of the people dressing up and then wandering around to see everybody else meant our festive atmosphere should be carried out early....

Trick: migraines...and looming allergy to the good pain medication.

Treat: busy busy between church, bible study, and 2 jobs.

Trick: exhaustion.

Treat: reading books because I have free time!

Trick: oops, stayed up a bit late reading again....

Treat: gas prices going down!

Trick: wind causing gas mileage to go down...

Treat: not charging on the credit cards all month!

Trick: realizing the holidays and car registrations are looming... this is what happens when one takes on the ramsey challenge.

Treat: cute costumed babies...i really liked the skunk one.

Trick: unspeakable, unthinkable murder by a mother

Treat to the infinity power: God rocks!

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