July 03, 2008

Crazy Thursday

After 2 trips through an hour-hour and half line at the temporary offices of the county, our cars are now officially Iowan.

After eating at the only Chik-fil-A in town, I accepted the job offer with Buckle Down Publishing company. It's going to be a whole new world for me and something very different from what I had expected and planned for the last 8 years. Apparently, God has been molding me for a different direction. The thought that crossed my mind last night, as i pondered and attempted to sleep was "remember that dream you had about writing?" and "maybe my name will appear in a long list of authors or something!!!"

So, after hoping next week will help us find a house and turn ourselves into official Iowans, and more other little stuff I'm sure....I will be starting July 14th in the world of publishing! The other thing that sealed the deal for me is that this would be a good start for my theoreticaly dream of maybe one day get involved with textbook publishing or test writing....I always thought it would be neat to work for Pearson (which happens to be based in the area also) or one of the other educational publishers.

What next, dare I ask?

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