September 05, 2005

Feet up on chair

Because a few minutes ago I'm fairly certain I saw a mouse flit across the kitchen. I was reading through blogs when I saw something black fly across the kitchen floor. Thinking it was a forgotten piece of plastic wrap torn off something or another I looked up. All I saw was a long skinny black thing. I still thought it might be trash, but than it disappeared altogether. I have gotten up and crouched down to see where it might have disappeared into and my verdict is the under the dishwasher.... *adds mouse traps to grocery list*

It's not that I'm scared of mice. I just don't like them and I really don't want to be bit by one.

I'm enjoying my day off though. I got up and made Josh breakfast and lunch for his first day of work, like he did for me a month ago. Than I came back and cleaned the dishes. (Really glad that mice didn't scramble out when I was doing that!) I had breakfast on the porch because it is so nice outside. Except for the smell of beer from somewhere upstairs. Than right at 10:00 I drove to Sam's because our car was in desperate need of new tires. We were going to wait a couple of weeks and than thought about and decided to do it today. It was a bit pricier than I thought, but with free flat tire repair, tire checks, and free rotation and balancing every 7500 miles, I'm glad we went with Sam's. I also got Michelin's because that is what I have been taught as the best tires by father and brother mechanics.

It has been a good weekend. Saturday I went shopping with Mollie for some gifts and things while the boys played D&D. I had to get two wedding gifts, one baby gift, and one birthday gift. While shopping around we hit up Old Navy and found the deal of the year on bikinis--tops and bottoms at forty-seven cents apiece. I also decided to pick up WoW at Best Buy while I was there and went up to the register thinking to pay $50. But apparently there was a mysterious sale because it rang up as $37. That was a pleasant surprise.

Yesterday Ashley, known as "Stretch" to some of you came over and we made chocolate chip cookies and Reverse German Chocolate Cake. These were a hit at College and Career night at the Litterskis. :-D Still working on making my cookies chewier though. We had a good time talking to college friends that we don't see as often and meeting a couple of evacuees that the Litterskis took in.

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