December 19, 2004

Rumors "Ring" True

While sadly we have not been able to get in contact with everyone ourselves, many of you have heard rumors of an official engagement.

If you count the existence of a ring on my left hand as a making it official, than yes, it is official. However, if you require a question to be verbally asked, well, we still have troubles. I guess you want to hear the story...

I was perturbed Monday thru Wednesday of finals week (well, when I had a spare moment to think about something other than school) because Josh had not yet asked "the question." I had figured that he'd surely propose before Christmas break. Selfishly, I worried about going home and facing my parents without a ring, because he really wouldn't propose in an airport, would he?

He was even mean and taunted me Wednesday night about the dangers of hiding ring in champagne. (but we are good LUers so that was obviously out of the question.) and thus, I hurried my way through Thursday morning between taking a final, packing, and cleaning and didn't even see Josh until we were getting into Gallagher's car for the trip to Tyler.

The short drive passed uneventfully and we checked in for our flights and sat to wait to go through security. I was sitting there and:

Josh: "So, do you want your gift now or at Houston?" (we had the same flight tyler to houston by no coincedence but parted ways at Houston)

Anna: "I thought we were trading Christmas gifts in Illinois? Really, I've already shipped yours out."

Josh: "This isn't your Christmas gift."

Anna: "oh" (I thought, maybe a birthday gift in addition to the Trans-Siberian concert?)

Josh: "You need something to remember me by for the next week and a half we are apart."

Anna: "Well, you might as well give it to me now because there won't be time in Houston." (I had about an hour layover in Houston. and indeed, we only were able to sit down before my boarding for about 10-15 minutes.)

Josh pulls out this little box and I am still disbeliving that he'd actually propose in an airport. I unwrap the ribbon and open the box to find another box. I was thinking, "Hmm. maybe a watch?"

But no, I hope up this second box and am facing a diamond solitaire ring. (This isn't a picture of the exact ring. That'll have to wait a bit.) I look at Josh with a disbelieving question on my faces, trying to make sure I wasn't imagining things.

Josh: "yes...."

Anna: "Oh. Well, I guess I should say yes then. So yes."

I try on the ring. It doesn't make it too far past my knuckle, but it fits well enough on my pinky.

and thus, I realized I had better call a few people while I had cheap cell service and time. and so we spent the next hour before boarding calling immediate family and Lily.

and we were all schmoopy on the plane, sharing some white grape juice on the way.

and discussed a few details. Such as the tentative date of May 8--day after graduation at hopefully, St. Mike's, if we can reserve the church. and blah blah blah. How many of you really want to hear the details? Besides, that'd take half the fun out of you coming to our wedding and seeing the details yourself.

Being a little more awake and reflecting in Houston before I left, I told Josh:
"You know, you never really asked the question."
Josh: "It was an unasked question that was there with the ring."
Anna "So I had to say yes verbally but you can get away without verbally asking the question."
Josh sputtered a bit and I sadly had to go board my plane.

and thus, the story of Anna and Josh's engagement.

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