June 20, 2004

Musical Musings

I'm listing to the new Avril c.d. again and one of the song particularly makes me think and I wanted to describe an unusual part of me when it comes to music. I don't think I've ever told anyone I do this. But for the sake of my going to bed soon like a good girl, I'll quit rambling...

Maybe it's from taking a year of dance in high school (when it comes to physical movement, "graceful" doesn't describe me), but, there are many songs that cause me to. . .choreograph an expression of the song in dance in my head. For example, with "Nobody's Home" on this c.d. I'm listening to, I can picture in my head a girl and a few others dancing...It's fairly dark and the main girl is frantic. It kind of ends with that once I started musing on this part of me that does this with songs. But, I have it set to play again in a little bit.

I mostly do this with slower songs...although there are more upbeat ones that I could see myself using for exercise or for cleaning. I also tend to choreograph the more emotional songs--I think the right word would be evocative. The songs are usually deeper, and sad. I don't always relate personally to the theme, but many times I do. But yes, I guess this would tell people that I am/have become a more physically expressive person. It's a pity I'm not more graceful in my movements--but it isn't my gift by any means. I'll leave that to Becca Ward, actually I think it's Becca Inwards now, and her crew--Nicole Thrift, Aaron Brown and those who have done an excellent job at Hootenanny the last two years.

Actually, thinking back a bit, I've done this a lot. I like to imagine story songs in my head and am disappointed many times when I get a chance to see the actual video for the song.

So those are my musings for now. I'm going to listen to the song of inspiration once more and go to bed. God bless all!

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