June 20, 2004

A Reflection

Wheeler's post brought be back into reality....how scary it is that I forgot I watched that last night too. But now, I read his post and I reflect on the movies I've watched in the last 30 hours and just the contrast.

The documentary Wheeler mentioned---I am mostly without words. Wondering how people can deny that the Holocaust ever happened. I was struck more on the level of how much we still don't mention as a part of that...I mean, you can't really don't want to shock kids that much with the horribleness...but, I don't know. I also wondered about the photographers....how anyone could take pictures I don't know. I don't feel right putting a "grade" to this one like I will with the others. It gets top honors for it's 'objective' parts.

We than watched a great comedy--Harvey. That's a great movie. Completely clean as far as I remember. Entertaining as all get out. It even provides food for thought about how we think about imagination, supernatural stuff, and crazy people. Harvey gets an A.

This afternoon I watched Along Came Polly. Guh. I give it a D out of graciousness for the funny ferrett and the father's only speaking scene in the movie...ya know, those words that change the character and cause all to see the light. The movie was supposed to be stupid and funny and it fits that bill. But the stupidity overwhelms the humor. Especially now as I reflect on other funny movies such as Harvey. I generally don't respond well to movies that center a lot on humor in bad taste. I give Along Came Polly a D.

Tonight, out with my most wonderful boyfriend, we watched The Terminal. It wasn't as good as I would have liked, but it was funny. Tom Hanks did an excellent job. but the movie . . .the story just didn't provide a whole lot. It's harder for me to put words to it really. I'm trying to put my finger on the different between good movies and B movies. I'd give Terminal a B+.

Wheeler really put out a good post on the documentary though so I redirect you there if you haven't seen it already. For now, I should get ready for bed as the new Avril Lavigne c.d. finishes up. It's also good.

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