June 19, 2004

spam post-it

this if from a spam email from "Dairy Queen" regarding "Free Ice Cream":

Creativity is not just a process of invention. It can also be a mode of relaxation. Your creativity is endless. Later on you can decide whether this is the beginning of a permanent change. You will attract a potential partner. Play your cards right.

Take steps to discard the old and embrace the new. Play it safe when you deal with business or personal partnerships. Go with your instincts. Communication will return to normal soon enough. Your support and suggestions will lead to respect from others.

Avoid opposition for a little while. Watch for the right opportunity. The more creatively you launch yourself You wonder why others make such elaborate plans when life can be this easy.

Bring your unique ideas out in the open today. Take care of business. Let everything else happen on its own. Congratulations: You just talked yourself into a bigger slice of the pie. A bit of drama is kind of fun -- sometimes. Be careful -- someone will be trying to sabotage you

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