May 08, 2004

The Melancholy begins to set it

So I went to graduation this morning. I sat there waiting for the ceremony to commence and realized yet again how close I am to being the one who walks across the stage and how many people I knew that walked across the stage this year...some friends from before I left Longview, others who I enjoyed learning in classes with.

One year. One year. I can only imagine what my life is going to be like next spring planning to end this stage of my life and move on to another. I also sit and wonder at friendships come and gone and am grateful for those who are closest to me now.

There was that. On the ceremony as a whole--remember convocation at the beginning of the semester and the lack of decorum? It was like that again. I could blame it partly on there being a lot of people...I don't know. I'm not sure there was a grand amount of time where there wasn't some din of talking somewhere. I felt bad for the GAPs students because it was worse for them and people moving about. and the butchering of names....gah! oh well, such is life. Graduation is meant to be something fairly serious...and, it just didn't have that feel. anyways, off to lunch.

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