May 07, 2004

So tonight, after everyone was gone, Ardith, Wheeler, Scholl, and I decided that Bruce's sounded good for dinner. So after a wal-mart trip so that i could get drops for the water in my fish's home, we went to bruces.

it was great. very good. We pulled in and a little ole lady came out and took our order. She didn't get it exactly right, being hard of hearing, but it didn't matter.

So, we sat there...amidst the other cars with people--that's an interesting story of observation in itself--we waited for our food. the drinks came first. Ardith, Wheeler, and myself had large root beers that cost $1.00. they came in big frosted mugs. very big frosted mugs. maybe 32 oz? josh got his coke in a boring styrofoam cup

and than the food came. the burgers were good. very good. for a mere $1.70 each or something like it. with bacon. and fresh veggies--the right color and everything. and we enjoyed our real food. all of us eating and becoming full enough for less than $17 total.

:-d we'll be back. hopefully getting the floats this time like we had tried to order.

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