May 02, 2004

if you give an imp a keyboard...

Infidel (11:17:13 PM): Is there Waffle Shoppe tonight?
Not Math Nerd (11:17:33 PM): yea
Not Math Nerd (11:17:54 PM): and they stoled my beautiful
Not Math Nerd (11:18:00 PM): curses
Infidel (11:18:11 PM): your "beautiful"?
Not Math Nerd (11:18:23 PM): yes
Not Math Nerd (11:18:25 PM): my anna
Infidel (11:18:48 PM): SO, you are not anna?
!Math Nerd (11:19:03 PM): of course not
!Math Nerd (11:19:07 PM): who did you expect?
Infidel (11:19:40 PM): Well, according to the screen name and the nickname I have on my computer, you are indeed anna.
!Math Nerd (11:19:51 PM): well, then
!Math Nerd (11:19:54 PM): why did you ask?
!Math Nerd (11:19:58 PM): silly boy
Infidel (11:20:20 PM): I asked because I have never heard Anna refer to herself in the third person.
!Math Nerd (11:20:32 PM): ah ha
!Math Nerd (11:20:33 PM): silly boy
!Math Nerd (11:20:40 PM): foolish infidel
Infidel (11:20:51 PM): Apparently so.
Infidel (11:21:02 PM): MAy I ask to whom I am writing?
!Math Nerd (11:21:06 PM): no
Infidel (11:21:12 PM): Alright.
!Math Nerd (11:21:58 PM): and I would never consider refering to scholl as "my beautiful"
!Math Nerd (11:22:04 PM): You may call him "furball"
Infidel (11:22:12 PM): I amy, but I chosse not to.
!Math Nerd (11:22:14 PM): tee hee hee hee
Infidel (11:22:15 PM): *may
!Math Nerd (11:22:32 PM): may call him beautiful?
!Math Nerd (11:22:35 PM): eww
!Math Nerd (11:22:42 PM): just wait till I tell my beautiful
!Math Nerd (11:22:47 PM): and the furball
Infidel (11:23:04 PM): I emant thtat I may call him "furball"...
Infidel (11:23:08 PM): *meant
!Math Nerd (11:23:24 PM): did you mean that you may commit errorous typos?
Infidel (11:23:45 PM): A typo, by definition, is erroneos.
Infidel (11:23:49 PM): *erroneous
Infidel (11:24:03 PM): Your statement had superfluous modifiers.
!Math Nerd (11:24:06 PM): uh yeah
!Math Nerd (11:24:08 PM): duh
!Math Nerd (11:24:22 PM): don't you "superfulous modifiers" me
Infidel (11:24:29 PM): Too late!
!Math Nerd (11:24:38 PM): I'll "superfulous modifiers" your head!!
!Math Nerd (11:24:45 PM): and your mother
!Math Nerd (11:24:51 PM): and your little dog too.
Infidel (11:24:53 PM): Again, too late.

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