December 13, 2007

Another Update

Uh ... hello again everybody. Yes, I live. :)

Actually, I live rather well. Nikki and I moved to Wisconsin at the end of September, and I started a new job working for Epic in the beginning of November. When I look back on what I was doing a year ago (or even six months ago), my life has changed quite a bit ... and very much for the better. I’m at last working with computers again, doing work I enjoy and get paid well for. I really enjoyed working for Microsoft, but I’m enjoying working at Epic even more.

Though for the moment, I should say studying at Epic, since I spend nearly all my time in training, learning the technologies, languages, and interfaces that Epic uses in writing its software. It really is a special company though. For example, at both of the software companies I’ve worked at before, developers had an unlimited supply of soft drinks. I think it may be a rather common perk in the world of Computer Science. You will be hard-pressed to find a vending machine at Epic, and they certainly won’t be free, except for special occasions. However, you will find unlimited juice and milk of almost every variety. A most excellent fruit salad is daily available in the dining hall for seventy-five cents. You’d think they wanted us healthy or something. (Though I should hasten to reassure you that the coffee supply remains unlimited (and of superb quality, if I may say so). That’s probably nearly universal in the CS world of this country. Should be, too. There’d be riots in the streets if we had no supply of caffeine.)

So life is excellent in most ways. Nikki is enjoying being a stay-at-home wife at the moment, though she may sub at local schools next semester. We finally found a good church after a few ... misadventures, shall we call them. I’ve bought a new pair of glasses, and look forward to actually having them in a few more days. The coating I wanted required the services of a laboratory and a 2 week wait. :( Unfortunately, I work most of the day now and I just bought a new RPG (Fable) and my wife still needs attention, so writing isn’t likely to become any more frequent unless I am bothered about it more often.

I hope that serves as an update for the present. Thanks for continuing to check in on me every once in a while. I hope things are well for you.

Posted by Leatherwood at 07:11 PM
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