September 20, 2005


Hello again, everybody. It has been a long time. Thanks so much to those of you who faithfully keep coming back and checking my blog. It means much to me.

Life goes on ... as it has a marked tendency to do, in my experience :-). I've accepted an extension on my internship, so I'm still working at Logos. I get paid a fair bit more now, and I work month-by-month. Things'll probably stay the same there for the next month or two, and then there'll be another change. Either I'll find a more permanent place there or I'll have to find another place to work. Which will be a pity; I truly enjoy my work and life there.

Nikki's found a job! Since we arrived here, she's been looking, but not urgently. She worked really hard during this last year as I finished up college, and it's been really nice, both for her and for me, for her to be able to sorta relax these last few months. Not that she hasn't been busy! I was just reflecting the other day that it's been months since I've hung up any of my clothes or put any of them away, yet they magically materialize in my closet and in my drawer, nice, clean, and ironed. I shared this mystery with my wife and proceeded to make the brilliant deduction that she's been busy. Not only that, but she cooks wonderfully and keeps the house neat and lots of other things. Yup, I married a wonderful, splendid lady. But with her getting a job, I guess we'll have to come to a more even split of the household chores.

Nikki and I have been terrible about church attendance in the last month or so, but we're going to try to improve that. We're still both very satisfied with the church we've found; I just wish we were better at hauling ourselves out of bed Sunday morning. Actually hauling ourselves (myself in particular) out of bed early has been markedly difficult these last few weeks. Which is a huge part of why this blog hasn't been updated ... it's the early morning when I take time to do it. Like now (6:18am).

I play Ultimate Frisbee regularly every Thursday with a bunch a guys and women (girls just sounds wrong) from Logos. I've steadily progressed from the point of absolute suck to only relative suck. My speed is pretty decent, and I'm reasonable at catching the frisbee. However, my throwing ability leaves galaxies to be desired, so my primary utility is in guarding and cherry-picking. Which I do with a certain aplomb, if I do say so myself :-).

I go to Bible Study regularly every Thursday evening at the home of one of the guys from church. It really is a splendid study, one that I enjoy and learn from (and get to talk in, which never hurts ... me, anyway ...). I miss the SC's studies ... I'm curious as to how they're progressing this year, actually.

I spend most of my free time (which should be invested better) in reading science fiction. I have finally picked up Stephen King's Dark Tower series and am blazing my way voraciously through it. Other targets of my reading have been on-line sites, Isaac Asimov, David Brin, Orson Scott Card ... and others. I probably average two or three books a week. Which explains why this blog is updated so rarely ... normally I read late into the night, until I realize that it's now too late to get up early tomorrow.

On the inside ... well, that's a post for another time. I hope that's enough of a news flash to satisfy you that I'm not dead. God bless you all.

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