July 13, 2008

Mitchell Senti

It's been a long time since I wrote a eulogy. I suppose that can be viewed as a good thing: one doesn't recognize a person worth eulogizing every day. It would be wise to keep the list relatively small, so as not to dilute the praise I offer them.

But it's also a good thing to add to the list. Life goes on, and I continue to meet varied and wonderful people worth remembering. And I present one to you today: Mitchell Senti.

Mitch and Rochelle Senti

Nikki and I first met Mitch and his wife Rochelle soon after we moved to Bellingham, back in 2005. This was before he started the Three Trees coffee house in Bellingham that he's most known for today. Mitch invited us to a meeting with a few friends; we shared some food, artwork, and some our various talents. IIRC, I recited "A Nauseous Nocturne" (from Calvin and Hobbes) to much acclaim. :)

Over the next two years, I met Mitch off and on. I attended a men's bible study in his home with him and a small group of other guys. While the theological opinions of that fellowship were often ... interesting ... the love was genuine and the faith fervent. It was not a waste of time, which is high praise for any meeting. :)

Three Trees Coffeehouse was a brainchild of Mitch and his wife and a few others from the community. They had in mind a place where anyone could come and be welcome and talk about God. They succeeded. I've written about it once before; it was a place I visited to sword-fight, debate, and to see Mitch. Here's another perspective on the place I turned up in finding the links for this post.

We fenced with boffer sticks off and on over the years, sometimes by ourselves, sometimes with others, generally on Thursday night. Sometimes Mitch and I would walk to his home together, a distance of a mile or two, discussing Jesus and other things of the heart.

People who genuinely remind one of Jesus are rare and precious. Mitch Senti is one of them. Like all of us, he's am imperfect person; he's young and has maturing to do, but he honestly reminds me of Jesus; both in his words and in his actions. His love for others is genuine, and his joy in life is real. He's a good sparring partner and a fine friend. One of my greatest regrets in leaving Bellingham was leaving the Sentis: Mitch, Rochelle, and their son Jonathan. They're a fine family that this world is not worthy of.

To Mitch:

Thanks for everything. I enjoyed our every conversation and relished our every duel. You're a fine, rare man; it's a pleasure to see God work in your life. Thanks for the encouragement you were to me over the years, and the blessing knowing you and Rochelle was to me and Nikki. God bless you.

Posted by Leatherwood on July 13, 2008 at 05:29 PM