November 03, 2004

Word games

I had a rather amusing conversation over AIM this evening. Strangely, impromptu word games such as this aren't rare around here. We're nerds.

Scott: Togepi.
Gallagher: Fromgepi.
Scott: Fromgerho
Gallagher: Fromgerprostitute.
Scott: Fromgerametuerstitute
Gallagher: *Fromgeramateurstitute.
Gallagher: Fromgeracoteurstitute.
Scott: Fromgeramattresseurstitute

So you can see how this game is played. It's just one of those things that nerds do when they have too much free time. So, after a good while playing, we ended with this (Spaces inserted for your convienience):
bouffwhicofintgengmuchmailservirtueerimineraltonproquizanthyaweheewga hoorayrsuforniforhinexcacontainerecoundevyoursmallpebblesmineedntfrozen wateruryidrunkardocheerelnotheavyexudetingdiodereeseursmammaryindian

Posted by Gallagher at 12:45 AM