August 09, 2004

Mervynic Quotes

Several good quotes have surfaced in the last week or so. If you want context, leave a comment and I'll explain it.

"One shouldn't hump air." --Rachel.

"Well, he does have a scar, but that's not what it's from. His momma ran over his head." --Some woman, in passing.

"Of course it does. That's the reflexitive property of feeling. *pause* Reflexitive? I need to go hang myself; I'm an idiot." --The Gallagher.

"You stand right there. Now you have no reason to be touching anybody else's panties." --Another woman, to her son.

I suppose I'll rant and rave about the horrors of tax-free weekend at another time. Until then.

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August 01, 2004

Sunday Morning. Bleh.

So why don't I like going to North Park Baptist in Sherman? Today was a relatively smooth day so far as the grammatical errors and illogic go. However, I did pick up a few quotes that you will probably find painful. I know I did.

  • "If we was to be thrown into a different culture..." I'm still not quite sure how this tied into his sermon. He was extending some analogy of a frog boiling in water, but I must have missed the part where it was important.
  • "If you let Him take the hem [sic] of your ship..." You'd think this was a typo, but he clearly said hem, not helm.
  • "That's what the invitation is: an invite!" Um... yeah.
  • Finally, the title of his sermon, "Sampson: Separation - What's It All About?" I might have been able to overlook this (if I hadn't chosen today to find stupid quotes and) if he weren't planning on preaching a five-Sunday series on "Sampson." I don't know who this "Sampson" is, but my pastor seems to think he's the same person as Samson. At least, he uses all the passages from Judges relating to Samson. I can understand mispronouncing Samson's name "Sampson," but misspelling it when you hopefully have your Bible open while writing your sermon?

Good times in Sherman. In other news, I put in my two weeks notice on Friday, so I only have a couple more weeks at Mervyn's. *raises small paper flag* Yay.

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