September 09, 2005

Something to Post

Well, this has been an unusually long gap between posts, even for me. Though not having access to the internet does that. See, good ol' LU has decided to add another layer of annoyance security to the network. It doesn't especially like Linux, and, as I run Windows about once every eight blue moons, I've been playing email tag with one of the IT guys. To his credit, he has been quite helpful through the whole process.

And as I've not been able to talk to anyone from off campus, between my homework and grading ~90 papers three days a week, I've had about ten hours of free time since school started. So my blogging habits will probably be even more sporadic and posts will become rare occasions for you to celebrate with your family.

Posted by Gallagher at September 9, 2005 11:42 PM