August 20, 2005

Music, Music, and More Music

I dare say that very little has happened in the month since my last post. I've seen a few friends, won a couple of chess games, seen a few movies, bought tens (sic) of books, and obviously some new music.

In case someone hasn't heard, I've been working at the Grayson County Shelter's Resale Shop, which has lots of "stuff" (ranging from nice jewelery to torn jeans and broken knic-knacks) for ridiculously cheap prices. For example, I recently acquired a very nice set of ten children's classics for $50. The local used bookstore had three of these books in stock, and they were going for $25 each. Even more recently, I purchased an almost complete stereo system (I left the speakers there) for $40. Amongst the spoils are a mostly-working 6-CD changer, an AM/FM receiver, tape deck, amp, and turn table. Though this would all be relatively useless without the cable that plugs into my sound card. Thus, I can record anything onto my computer. Once I figured out that this worked, I splurged on almost 40 cassettes of classical music (including, but not limited to all nine Beetoven Symphonies, all four of Vivaldi's Seasons, five Tchaikovsky symphonies, and quite a bit more). I am currently in the process of recording all of it to my computer so I can have hours upon hours of lovely music until my hard drive dies.

My last day up there is going to be next Friday; I'll pack Saturday and arrive at school on Sunday, ready for an 8 AM class on Tuesday. Joy.

Posted by Gallagher at August 20, 2005 10:15 PM