July 08, 2005

Whatever Happened to Class?

I had a wonderful day at work today. As I arrived to sign my time card, the director of the shelter told me to carry a box down to the shelter, and to see if the electronics contained therein worked. So I take it down to the shop and pull out a VCR and a turn-table. We discovered that the record player worked by the sound of Nat King Cole. The director came down and bought it from us, but let us keep it there (for at least the day), so I spent the rest of the day listening to records of Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, Gustav Holst, Cabaret, and Glenn Miller. Through the course of the day, a kindly gentleman also told me of a radio station from Dallas that plays big band music. I hadn't discovered it because I haven't listened to any AM stations in years. But on my drive home, I was happily listening to Sinatra. It was a beautiful thing.

Also, below the fold I have a new list of books that I'll get for anyone, gratis.

Posted by Gallagher at July 8, 2005 07:12 PM