February 22, 2005

Greek Hunting

Well, the day has almost come and gone, and life was quite a bit better than I had expected it to be. I turned in my research paper for OT Backgrounds a day early, so I actually had time yesterday to finish my journals and study for the Architecture test with Scholl. The "studying" involved looking at the review sheet and saying, "Yeah, I know how to do that."

I awoke this morning, refreshed and ready to face the glorious morn-... yeah, I don't believe it, either. It was morning. And I had a test (and a Fatness test, but that hardly counts) to worry about. So I trek over to Glaske to watch a terribly ... bland presentation on Kate Chopin's The Awakening Though the discussion afterwands was remarkably entertaining, it will have to wait for another post, or perhaps I'll just point you to someone else. At noon, I took the Architecture test, which was long, but not especially difficult. Then to OT Backgrounds, then to Fatness, where the "test" took all of ten minutes, then I went back to Longview Hall to pick up the trig.

While there, I decided to turn in my Architecture homework that was due last week. Well, Dr. King and Ms. Knouse were standing in the hallway, so I just walked up and handed it to him, saying that it was "last Thursday's homework." Well, Knouse was amazed that I (of all people) was turning homework in late. So I mentioned how I had been working on a research paper, and journals, and King's test. So I stood there and talked with those two for a while, before Dr. King decided he ought to head home.

After that, I went to talk to Dr. Baas, because I was right there, and Dr. Baas is just generally cool. So we talked about the possibility that I would change majors, the latest assignment he has us doing for computer theory, the weather, etc. He asked me about what I did in my "outdoor time," which I took to mean "Do you exercise regularly?" asked congenially. Well, I never really exercise when I'm at school; I simply don't make the time for it. He thinks that it would be wonderful if we set up a frisbee golf course on campus somewhere. I have to admit, it would be rather enjoyable.

After this, I ran over to the HHH offices to talk with Dr. Hummel about the Greek program at UT. The impression I got was that I would have to talk to lots of people and get lots of special approval in order to have the Greek credit transfer as 12 hours instead of just 6. The problem is, if it only transfers as 6, I probably could not step in to Intermediate Greek I next semester, because my Greek vocabulary with be quite a bit different from that of the LeTourneau Greek class. However, I get the feeling that Hummel with certainly try to help me out with this one.

But what do I, a CSMA, want with Greek credit? Well, I was looking at my degree audit, and noticed that I only need 48 more hours, which is twelve hours per semester for four semesters. So instead of loading myself down with honors classes, I looked into adding another major or minor. I found that I could almost change to Computer Science, B.S. and Math, B.A., but for the language requirement on the B.A. Thus, Greek. Contrary to what I had thought earlier, this would not be a double major in the traditional sense of the word, but actually two different degrees. Hummel informed me that I could not have done this a few years ago, because the University had some policy that said no one could receive more than one degree at a time. But Hummel apparently had a hand in changing that last year, so I should be good. So, if I can get this to fly, I'll be graduating in Spring 2007 with a Computer Science, B.S., and a Math B.A. with an English minor and honors. Technically, since these are two separate degrees, I could get the CSBS with honors and math and English minors, and the MABA with honors and CS and English minors, but that is just a little ridiculous.

Next step: getting approval from Dr. Jarstfer for the Summer program at UT to count for 12 hours of foreign language.

Posted by Gallagher at February 22, 2005 11:32 PM