February 16, 2005

Life is Being Kind

It seems I have caught a break during my week of writing. As I was finishing up the Egyptian section of my research paper yesterday evening, I realized that I had was over the minimum requirement by almost a page and a half. This struck me as a Good Thing. So this morning after chapel, I talked to Dr. Hummel about cutting back my paper from the math of the Ancient Near East to the math of the ancient Egyptians. I showed him my eight pages, and he said that that would be fine. So now I just have to finish up talking about the pyramids and how astronomy related to Egyptian religion. All in all, I'm looking at a much lighter weekend. I only have five journals to write. And a program due Friday week. And a test in Architecture on Tuesday. This means that I actually get to go to sleep before 3 this week. I am pleased.

Posted by Gallagher at February 16, 2005 11:59 PM