Yeah... the first thing I thought on reading that block quote was: nuh uh. If freedom were power, Iraq should be far more on its way to self-sufficiency (becoming very specific to the war, as I know this introduction deals with larger issues). I say this because it is a "free society" that is certainly not guaranteed either security or peace, and America is now involved in helping to maintain both of those since there are significant portions of the Iraqi people that do not want these goals in the same way we Americans do.

Again, I mention this because Iraq does seem to be one of the few modern examples we have of free societies (the US) attempting to create other free societies without the aid of a significant interior revolution. If there are other examples, either in agreement or contradiction, I'd be interested in looking at those as well.

The thoughts of Ludwhig on 6 July 2005 - 9:26 Central
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