May 16, 2008

Quotes And Paraphrases

Today, in lieu of having really anything to write, I bring you the most entertaining bits of the Republican Iowa 2nd District Convention. Which, incidentally, will probably serve to be the reason I skip out on the state convention, if in fact I do.

One of the candidates for US Senate, whilst going on about all his other qualifications: "I was exposed to anthrax." One can only assume he considers this to be a qualification for political office.

Steve King, US Representative from western Iowa, and clearly one of the leading economic lights of the House of Representatives: 'The economy really isn't as bad as everyone says, and anyway, if we would've just made the Bush tax cuts permanent, we wouldn't have had this little economic downturn.'

This was shortly followed up by: "John McCain will end the war on terror." I do not think this sentence means what he thinks it means.

The Iowa State Auditor: "We need to put a Republican back into the White House." This was possibly more entertaining for me than for anyone else in the room.

An unnamed US Senate candidate: 'Arab males are crossing the border at night. I ask you, why are they crossing at night?'

The head of the Iowa GOP offered the revelation that it is vitally important that we win in Iraq, basically because we haven't won enough wars recently. His connections to Michael Ledeen are unknown.

But the highlight of the entire day came during the platform discussion (Again. Pity we didn't have enough time to get through even half of it.), concerning this plank in the Agriculture section:

We support laws that restrict foreign ownership of Iowa farmland.

There was an amendment up from the local Lew Rockwell contingent to strike this plank, and during the discussion on said amendment a very concerned and passionate delegate declared fervently that we needed this plank in the platform, because...

...terrorists might try to buy up all our precious Iowa farmland. Also possibly the Saudis. Or maybe both.

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